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Orion DELTA 3d Printer

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

In 2013, i purchased an Orion DELTA 3d Printer. I justified the printer to myself because my materials construction skills are non-existent.

First Image

I'm writing about it now. Because of the quality of the product it's self. This printer with very little maintenance has lasted me 3 years. The only thing I've had to do is grease the rails, and, re-level the printer when it's moved. I'm confidant it will last 5+ years. Which to me, is the mark of a well built product.

Second Image

I purchased the printer from Matter Hackers, at, a trade show after watching it print. Over the years, i've most ABS, and, PLA filaments. I've also printed copper (non-conductive), and, bronze filaments.

Here are some ABS, and, PLA prints:

Third Image

Fourth Image

Here is a copper print:

Fifth Image

I love this printer!! Thank you Matter Hackers & SeeMeCNC.

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