The wings of a computer engineer
The wings of a computer engineer

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A pillar of strength

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

In shifting sands, stood a pillar strong and true,
Ninety-seven years of wisdom, in skies of the deepest blue.
She, a beacon of resilience, in every storm, a guiding light,
Her strength, a legacy unyielding, through day and into night.

Her hands, once busy with love's labor, teaching young minds,
In the chill of life's harsh winters, she was that warmth that binds.
A guardian angel, through struggles, she did veer,
In her eyes, a spark of kindness, in her voice, love clear.

Her life, a tapestry of courage, stitched with patience, thread by thread,
In her grandchildren, her spirit echoes, in every step ahead.
Though her presence now is missing, in hearts, she'll always dwell,
For in every act of kindness, her story I continue to tell.

ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ