The wings of a computer engineer
The wings of a computer engineer

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A lone bird

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

In sky of blue, a bird flew lone,
Above the world, in vastness thrown,
Its song a whisper in the breeze,
A soul adrift, no heart to ease.

Beneath the sun, in fields below,
A turtle wandered, pace was slow,
Its shell a fortress, yet a home,
In blades of grass, it did roam.

In silent awe, the bird did gaze,
At peaceful steps, through sunlit haze,
In turtle's path, no rush, no race,
A lesson learned in tranquil grace.

Together found, in nature's lap,
The bird's song with earth's soft tap,
No longer lone in blue skies,
United, their spirits rise.

ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ