The wings of a computer engineer
The wings of a computer engineer

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ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ



A gentle turtle

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

Oh, gentle turtle, slow and wise,
Your world's a contrast to the skies.
Do I adore, can it be?
A fluttering heart, so slow and free.

The turtle, ancient, calm, and deep,
In ocean's cradle, secrets keep.
Dear bird, aloft on breezy throne,
It's not a race, but the seeds we've sown.

In waves and winds, paths entwined,
A friendship rare, by fate designed.
The bird, confused, in sky's embrace,
Finds new solace at turtle's pace.

ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ