The wings of a computer engineer
The wings of a computer engineer

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Timothy D Meadows II

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

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I bring 23 years of experience, engineering high availability distributed systems, and applications. I can lead teams of engineers, and developers as large as 15. I have strong knowledge of security policies and practices as well as experience in securing medical, and financial systems. I have strong communication skills, and can work alone on large projects for protracted periods of time.


Flex Box Dependency Injection C# .NET Windows Server Caffe Github
Bootstrap Entity Framework JavaScript Ubuntu Server Yolo Github Actions
jQuery Web Hooks Node.js Docker Pytorch Azure DevOps
Kendo Blazor Server Markdown Windows Storage Movidius TFS
Telerik Microsoft SQL PowerShell IIS OpenAI Git
Blazor Azure Functions Batch Nginx OpenALPR Svn
MVC Azure Storage Python Apache Microsoft.ML Cvs
Razor Azure Service Bus XAML FTP Predictive Analytics VSS
Mustache Azure Queues Visual Basic SSH TensorFlow
CORS Rabbit MQ PineScript Active Directory TensorFlow Lite
Knockout Azure Tables HTML Azure Active Directory NABirds
Underscore SQLite CSS Azure Networking
Backbone MySQL XML Azure VPN


The Dot Corp, Inc, Santa Ana, CA — Lead Full-Stack Developer

JUN 2014 - FEB 2023

Via Touch Media San Diego, CA — Security Systems Engineer

APR 2017 - MAY 2019

nPrivate San Bernardino, CA — Security Systems Engineer

JAN 2008 - OCT 2013

TopLingo, Inc Irvine, CA — Application Systems Engineer

APR 2005 - NOV 2008

Slingshot Development, Inc Irvine, CA — Software Developer

AUG 2002 - APR 2005

Meadows & Meadows Anaheim, CA — Software Developer

JUN 2000 - AUG 2002


  1. reCAPTCHA.AspNetCore
    Google reCAPTCHA v2/v3 for .NET.
  2. GUvrs
    .NET MAUI Windows, and Mac application for checking the Gods Unchained debug log for you, and your opponents profile ids during a game. You can click on the profile ids to load up the respective GUdecks profile.
  3. PinnedMemory
    Cross platform method for creating, and accessing pinned, and locked memory for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for .NET.
  4. Yolo6.NetCore
    Implementation of You Only Look Once (v6) AI image classification model for .NET.
  5. Curve25519.NetCore
    Implementation of an elliptic curve offering 128 bits of security and designed for use with the elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) key agreement scheme for .NET.
  6. AeadChaCha20Poly1305.NetCore
    Implementation of AEADCHACHA20POLY1305 an authenticated encryption with additional data algorithm using ChaCha20, and Poly1305.
  7. Argon2.NetCore
    Implementation of Argon2 key derivation function for .NET.
  8. Blake2b.NetCore
    Implementation of the cryptographic hash, and mac functions of BLAKE2b for .NET.